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Archive: Reconsolence

Archive: Reconsolence

(Original FB post) …is a word I made up because there wasn’t a word to describe the looping of loss and acceptance I’m still feeling. I have loved Tilda Swinton for years now. She was my star in the sky, a direction when I couldn’t find anyone else like myself. But she may also be … Continue reading

Archive: A message alone.

(Original FB post here) Dear Tilda, everyone-ish, The truth is no one really cares about Polanski. It doesn’t really matter that you signed the petition. People die every day. Tilda, I don’t know who you are, and I probably never did. It was all a dream. You made a world I dared believe, this summer, … Continue reading

Archive: Letter to Tilda

Archive: Letter to Tilda

Original FB here

Original FB here.

Dearest Tilda,

I am writing this letter knowing it will never reach you. It’s too late now. Perhaps it always was.

You know I never much liked cinema, because it affected me so much. It was such a powerful force. I haven’t had much want for the art world. Or any world. I’m much afraid of people.

But then I learned about you, a solid form amongst the haze. I picked my way after you in the hopes of going where you are and finding a way to stand on my own. This summer I did. And I began to believe, for the first time, that there might be something to these artists. You were all so deep and sincere about exploring the world, in living it has far as one could. Film was a method to living. There might be something good about film. It became valid to humanity.

But then you signed the petition.

And you said in that moment that film was more important than human decency.

I was molested once. Some of my friends were raped as children.

How can I believe in your cinema when you would rather stand for it than us? I loved you for your soul, but your love of film wasn’t for its benefit to us. It was for film itself.

So now I do not like film again. It is a painful reminder of what you sacrificed in its name.




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