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My ten year high school reunion is in two weeks but so far I’ve been rejecting the invitations. I originally joined Facebook to keep track of this thing but the price is so high. If it was a college reunion maybe, but…

The truth is, high school was a dark time for me. I was far more socially awkward than I am now and many people took advantage of that. The fringe of the fringe. Are there people I’d like to see? Yeah, but I don’t know how comfortable it would be. I’m so different from what I was ten years ago. It would be like a stranger talking to other strangers.

On the other hand, people have said I would regret not going, and you know how I try to avoid regret.
What say you, internets?


  • Staci Molinaro i have to tell u that i understand your concern
    i have not spoke to you or seen you in 10 years.
    i have not gone anywhere i am Cedar grove and we have not even run into each other. i feel very similar. I do not want to regret not goin and its a once in a lifetime situation.
    i dont feel the cost is high, i mean i go out and drink on a friday night over the holidays im spending a pretty penny! mayb we will see you mayb we wont! good luck with whatever you decide!
    let me know what you decided.
  • Sarah Michalowski Hi, Happy Thanksgiving. I happened to stumble across this post. I had been in the same position. I was debating as to whether I should or should not attend. I feel the same way that the price is high, well at least at this time for me. HS was also not that great of time for me. And I am also in a totally different spot than I was 10 years ago. However, I decided not to go. Now I am thinking maybe I should have. I dont know. What did you decide to do?
  • Anie Knipping Hey mates, thanks for getting back to me. 🙂
    I’ve decided not to go. Maybe the 15th or 20th if they have one?

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