Archive: Like sand

“Hello Anie,” came her voice over the phone. I froze.

I had never heard her say those words like that before. It had always been said with the surprised, musical tone of someone who had just come in from prancing through a meadow. This was dead and flat.

Love, life, is like sand. My life is so stable and short-sighted that I forget that all around me the sand is moving, from all points, towards the inevitable. There is no way to hold or contain it. I feel helpless as I watch it pass through my fingers, stained by guilt, as if there were something I can do to fix this but fail to.

For what little it may be, I swear I will never look away.

Donna Messenger:
Never look away but understand you are not at fault and their is nothing you did to make this happen nor anything you can do to ” fix it “. You must not take this on you.

Be a friend, be available, and understand it is no ones fault. It is cancers fault.

Having a sister like friend die of lung cancer, I feel your frustrations. We must not hide in a cocoon and take blame.

Be there for support and leave the logic to the dr’s.

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