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The Torment

Soon after I wrote my first entry of longing I have found there will be a meeting. But I cannot go. Or more, will not go. It is not a matter of money or wherewithal that keeps me grounded,for I would surely spend these things even for a few more hours with you all.
There is something stronger at work here. My sweet wife has planned our annual pilgrimage for the time of the premier and there is no way to change the dates. When I shared my thought to leave early for Scotland she fell to pieces. My poor wife, I could never hurt you, so I will stay.
Still, the pain of knowing what I long for will exist without me and perhaps never again torments me.

A final note: I should hope this film is made available to those of us who cannot come. I don’t think it fair that we be excluded due to distance, monetary concerns, or otherwise from seeing a film of what we all shared in. I suppose this is what stings me the most.

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  • Matt Hulse Anie, of course the film will be made available. It is one of many things I am currently juggling to bring to life. But patience will in this case certainly diminish The Torment – and help those of us here in Scotland as we organize and arrange. May your personal Pilgrimage be joyous and your wife find all her pieces!
  • Anie Knipping Thank you for giving me hope. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
  • Adele McCollum Anie, you have a gifted eye and heart.

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