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The End

(Note from the future; This post and the post after it mark the end of an era and the beginning of a new one; Point of Impact and the end of Summer. PoI lasted from June 17th 2010 until mid-October 2011.)

Dreams are there for those who sleep. Sometimes you think you’ve awoken into something wonderful, and then…
I don’t know what will happen from here. I may regress or stay static. I don’t have the strength to move forward anymore, and what hurts the most is that what I thought was my own power was really being derived by an illusion of someone else. That is the sad truth. Despite my best efforts and sincerest belief, it turns out I still leaned on you, and for the sake of us both I’ll leave you be.
Good bye, Tilda…


  • Donna Messenger I have some static guard and ears. You are amazing Anie and Beanie too. Your talents are fabulous and I am honored to have you as my lil Anie friend……..
  • Woodstock Ross If you need some perspective on this, let me know – ok?
  • Ash Bond Your talent… your intuition is bigger than you realize. If you want to be part of something “bigger” seriously hun… Create it! You have the power… I KNOW THIS!!! TRUST ME!!!

    You changed my char! Gah! Do you know how much power you have!?!? It’s insane! I meant to say this to you today, but seriously couldn’t figure out how, but… you are a whole lot bigger than you think…

    I know it hurts… I know it sucks… but you, you are the power, you are who you are looking up to!

    You’re like… 3 steps ahead of people. Most people look up to random celebs… but you, you look up to ideas, to creations, to things within your own being. Therefore, you look up to yourself.

    I wish I could be that powerful and sure of myself.

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