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Why losing Tilda hurt

As summer begins to match the dates that a year ago were those of grand excitement for the unknown, I find myself wondering why now, even still in the din of success I feel so lost.
I know that part of my attachment to Tilda was an attachment to everything she symbolized, a world I wished to belong to. However, in oversight, I only wanted to belong to a world, not be the focus of it, or of anything. I do not want Tilda’s success. I only wanted a place in her storm. In my own success I’ve found an unwanted spotlight and I’ve been subconsciously dodging it throughout.
Still, without that spotlight I am nowhere. It makes me long for my fantasy land…

The first painting done after and effected by the Pilgrimage.

The first painting done after and effected by the Pilgrimage.

  • Autumn Magick likes this.
  • Donna Messenger I feel lost as well Anie friend. If you need me call me. I will be around all day tomorrow. I will call you to check on you.
  • Sutton Laurus Hang in there. Perhaps I should call you as well.
  • Susan Lipson Anie, I am feeling lost, too. You can talk to me if you want to.
  • Teresa DeFabrizio We all want to be part of something bigger, something better- what leaf does not want to be zipped up in a tempest for just a little while? But remember, there is also so much good going on in your own world- enjoy it . It may not be a tempest, but a gentle breeze has its own joys.
  • Charlotte Walbrecht Do not miss something or opportunity in your own life hoping for someone else to help you attain your dreams. Tilda is just another human being just like you! She is talented but so are you. She might have gotten a break and now she is famous! It is all in your own hands!
    You can fulfill your dreams on your own! It takes hard work and faith in yourself! You have so much talent! Do not dwell on the past and what could have been! Dream of the future and what you can become! Positive self talk!! 🙂

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