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So I’m not supposed to be on here.
When I first wrote that in my status, I got a lot of “who says you aren’t??”
The answer is my doctor, or more, common sense. It’s common sense to leave something that makes you sad, yes? Because I can’t be here and not get stabbed by a painful slight, I must leave you all. That seems fair. It’s just Facebook, after all.

One year ago a bunch of us were tossed into space, cleansed, and bonded. When we came back, we despaired in leaving, so we connected through Facebook to continue on. I was not active at the time; I only had an account to find out when my class reunion was. But days after I came I was called into the circle, one by one, by the others. We crisscrossed about the profiles to find our brethren. Everyone friend-ed everyone, because we were Pilgrims. I came to Facebook because of the Pilgrims.

So what if a few decided to reconnect with everyone but me? I don’t know them that well, yes?

Remember when you were a little kid in elementary school, and every Valentine’s day every kid would give a little cardboard valentine to every other kid in the class? It meant nothing, really. Getting one from a classmate didn’t mean you were buddies, but can you imagine being the only kid not to get one? One might say; those are just children, but we are all children in that way. The need to be acknowledged never goes away, especially in the eyes of a group, and in a group like ours.

I cannot see those names without the sting of being shunned, and I cannot hide the names as they comment on posts made by other friends.

I’m not sure what to do.
And saying “Fuck it” doesn’t help



  • Jules M Bartkiewicz Anie you can’t change people. The good ones will shine and the bad ones will wither away in the compost heap. they may stink for a while but it will all turn over and be used to grow beautiful friendships….you need the shit to realize what is good…just think of them as a comparison factor.
    Don’t throw away the good people because of the bad.

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