Archive: Public Service Announcement: Brain Demons in our midst!

Public Service Announcement: Brain Demons in our midst!

Today we’re going to talk about the secret scourge assaulting the world; brain demons.

Invader Zim is awesome.

Over the years we have come to know of something called “mental illnesses”, but what most people don’t know is that they are actually semi-possessed by demons. No, not religious based demons, just regular, run-of-the-mill, doing it for the lulz demons.

So how dangerous is a demon?

The other night I actually managed to talk to one;


Me: “You know if you kill me you’ll die too, right?”

Demon: *creepy reverb laugh* “Is that what you believe, you arrogant human? That I exist only through you? If you die I’ll just move on to the next and to the next, as I have for hundreds of years.”

“But don’t you ever tire of it?”

“Of course not. I am a demon. I do not need variety like a human. This is my very nature, and so I shall never tire of it!”


Scary stuff. From this conversation you can gain these very important truths about brain demons;


1) You cannot reason with them with human logic. That means no amount of happy thoughts will make them go away. They actually think it’s funny.

2) Do not deny the demon is there. If you can see him trashing up the place, then that’s what he’s doing. He knows you see him even if you pretend you don’t. That just makes him curious to see how far he can go before you snap. The longer you wait to make eye-contact, the more damage is done.

3) Do not mistake the demon’s actions for your own. That’s his favourite game. Keep him separate at all costs. Once he’s out of your sights, the real danger starts.

4) Do not fight with the demon by yourself! Whether you like it or not, you are being possessed. What he has taken already he will use against you and so has the upper hand on the mental battlefield. He’s been doing this for a long time. He knows what to hijack first to cripple you. You will need outside reinforcements to supplement, meaning doctors, meds, and many supporting friends.

5) Don’t give up, because he won’t.

6) Yes, the demon can kill you.

7) You can have more than one at a time. They aren’t territorial and appreciate help with the more stubborn cases.

8) Demons go after everyone, not just the weak. Some demons like an easy kill, but some like a challenge. Everyone is at risk.

9) Tin-foil hats, while shiny, do not work in preventing brain demons.

10) DO NOT FEED THE DEMON! He will ask for your sorrows. Never, ever willingly let him have them, even if it feels right.


So now that you realize you have a brain demon, now what?

Know he is a powerful foe and never underestimate him. Always watch him and remind him that you know he’s there. They hate that, because they prefer the element of surprise and manipulation. He’ll still trash up the place, but it takes the fun out of it and so slows them down. It is especially good to not react while you watch them. That confuses them. Don’t pretend it doesn’t bother you, just don’t react. Reacting gives them ammo. Not reacting is very hard, though, and you probably will because they are persistent bastards. If you feel he’s winning, get outside forces. He won’t give up. Sleeping also helps in a fix, because they can’t do much when you’re asleep.


Understand that you may always have your demon. You may even form an uneasy relationship with him, which he’ll hate. Even with brain demons you can live a good life, sometimes an even better life because of all the brain skills you’ll learn by dealing with them. It’s work, but it’s worth it.


For more on brain demons, go here;


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