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Someone died in our building today, out of the blue.

It makes me hate you even more.

Lev died in his sleep last night from a heart attack. A lot of people die in our building, like everywhere else. In our building, though, if someone who is always around suddenly disappears without word, someone else checks on them. It …is the code of the elderly.

So if you promise someone you will be going out with them at 9pm and and you decide to ditch and not answer your phone or text for the five hours leading up to it when everyone knows you are a Blackberry addict, then I will show up at your door and lean on your buzzer. And if you still don’t answer, I will call the hospitals. And then the cops.

So you damn well better answer your damn phone when someone is expecting you to.

Because if Mary hadn’t checked on Dr. Dyral down the hall, she would have died there on the floor from a stroke. And if Terry hadn’t checked on Florence that morning, she would have died there on the floor. But Florence didn’t make it. Terry checked too late and never got over it. She moved the following month.

You think this is a game? I’m not fucking around here. If someone had found Lev in time, maybe he’d still be here.

And then you have the unbelievable &$#$^&%$#%^% to call ME selfish, accuse ME of doing all this because I wanted to go to a damn club and that I’m making all this up. I go over because I was worried about you, even though I was fucking PISSED, and you hand me this shit??? Not only did you bail on me when I needed you most, you scared the crap of me and then call me a fucking liar attention whore. You don’t know me from shit.

I hope if/when you read this, you’re reading on the computer I gave you.



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