Archive: Wait, wha…?

Wait, wha…?

November 18th, 2010 at about 4:30pm EST, my cell phone rings.

Me: Hello?

Voice on phone: Anie? This is Larry Kirshbaum. I’d love for you to bring in your book! I think it’s great!

Me:…. wait, wha…? Oh! Right! Um, is tomorrow okay?

Larry Kirshbaum : Sounds good, I’ll be here from 10-1. Do you know where my office is?

Me: I.. I can look it up on the internet.

Larry fucking Kirshbaum: Nah, hang up, I’ll just leave it on your voice mail. Look forward to seeing you!

Me: Me too, ah, bye!

Phone hangs up, then rings again while I run around backyard screaming.


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