Archive: The note to US Airways/ Black Tuesday

The note to US Airways.

I wrote this in the compliments/complaints section of the US Airways website. I still don’t want to think about that day but I felt they should know how much they helped me. I’m putting it here so you guys have sort of an idea of what happened until I able to write a better entry. It may not be for a while…

(Note from the Future: This is also record of what has come to be known as Black Tuesday)

I had been trying to get an old love of mine that had cancer to let me see her for the past year. Finally she gave me the okay and I grabbed the first flight to Austin that I could. I was finally going to get to hug her, reminisce, watch old movies…

And then during my layover in Charlotte, hospice called.

She was actively dying. Right then.

I lost it.

One of your staff found me crying in the lobby. Some how I must have managed to say I wanted to go back home. What was the point? Adrienne wouldn’t be there when I got to Austin and I didn’t know her family. The staff lady scooped me up onto one of those beeping cars that roll about the airport and before I really knew what was happening, you guys switched my connecting flight so I could go back to Newark. I didn’t even know you could do that.

Just before I got on the plane I got another call.

She was gone.

I tried to keep it together on the plane but it didn’t work well enough. I was crying silently and despite the chaos of the pre-flight scramble to fit all the overhead luggage, (the woman in front of me was being a real dick about it too) the stewardesses noticed me and comforted me. They offered me everything and anything I could want but I turned it all down.

Halfway through the flight one handed me a bag full of airplane treats.

They hugged me when I got off, and when they saw me sitting stunned in Newark airport later that night, they asked if I needed help getting home.

They didn’t have to do any of that but I thank god they did.

I can’t remember their names but I’m sure it can be found through some database.

Please thank them for me.

It meant the world.



PS. On full flights, you might want to consider a rule in which the overhead bins may be used for carry-on luggage only and that the personal item must be stored under the seat in front.

Also, if a carry on luggage placed vertically in the overhead won’t fit, have the wheels face out and try flipping it upside down so that the wheels face up. There seems to be a bit more room towards the top of the bin.

Cheers again.



  • Amanda Grace Anie, I can’t believe you went through that. I’m very glad that those people were so good to you.

    But as a side note, I seriously hope that the next time you are sitting around in someplace I can get to, like Newark Airport, you will remember that you have my number in your cell phone and you will call me and I will come and pick you up. You know I don’t work.

  • Jeni Reid Oh Anie, I’m so sorry for your loss. What great kindness from the air staff, it warms my heart to know that people do still care about others even when they aren’t known to them.
  • Amanda Grace And I hope that you will call me if you want any company during the weekdays.
  • Susan Lipson I’m sorry you had to go through this, but I am so glad to hear how kind and helpful they were to you. It sounds like you encountered some very good people.
  • Jack Parra I’m glad the people were so nice to you during such a difficult time, and glad that you commented on it, they deserve much praise.

    Please call if you would like some company, I too am available all day.

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