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As some of you know, I managed to catch the attentions of Larry Kirshbaum

If anyone could help me with my book, it was him. Yesterday I found out he wouldn’t be taking me on but as I found this out through a secretary I had no idea why.

He had been so excited about it.

What happened?

Did he chance his mind once he read it? Was it too long?

I reached him today.

It turns out he had been acting as my agent for the past month. He loved the book. He still loves the book.

The truth is, Larry Kirshbaum could not sell it.

For the same damn reason it always has been.

“It’s so unique, and usually that’s a great thing, but with publishers in this economy, it’s a scary thing. No one knows quite how to place it. No, I don’t think you should change anything, no don’t edit; that would ruin it. I’m so sorry. I really wanted to help.”

And I just….




  • Sutton Laurus J. K. Rowling and Ayn Rand were turned down 13 times each.
  • Sutton Laurus Nice comic too.
  • Charlotte Walbrecht Agree– Do not give up! Re-submit or try another publisher! Hope everything else is going well!! 🙂
  • Susan Lipson Keep sending it to people! It’s too good not to get picked up by someone. Besides, he said “publishers in this economy”? It will change eventually…
  • Jeni Reid Book publishing is an incredibly competitive world. Just to get as far as you have means that you are doing it right. Keep going!
  • Jack Parra Keep trying, it’ll happen! The copy in the Montclair Library always seems to be checked out, people are reading it 🙂
  • Anie Knipping Thanks all. Larry said that the only way now is to drum up attention on the ground to catch a publisher’s attention. I’m going back over any leads I have to try and make some noise.
  • Jessica Williams Don’t give up, sweetie. You WILL find someone to publish it. I can’t tell you how many times famous authors got turned down before they hit it big.
  • Alexandra Brody Salazar I am happy he tried his best for you, but I think that if a powerful man like that can’t make it happen at the moment, I have a feeling the people on the other end of all of this are just so ungodly stupid that their everesscent dumbness reaches all the way around the world and gives them a wedgie. What are they doing that is so less unique and selling so ‘well’? Fiction Twilight-esques? >|

    The good news is, though– that this guy knows you now and the SECOND the time is right to publish this thing, you can go to him and he will give you a high five and it will be radical. Just, at this moment presently the publishers have their underwear stretched over the back of their heads extra-tight.

    It might be that publishers are super scared of electronic book distribution and are not publishing anything because they’re losing sales to Kindles and such?

  • Woodstock Ross I believe in you Annie and I believe in your book.

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