Archive: Someone explain this to me/A letter to Pres. Obama


Someone explain this to me/A letter to Pres. Obama

(Note from the Future: Caution: I may or may not know what the hell I’m talking about.)

Someone explain to me how anyone can stand in defiance of the coming future? Really? Do we (the US) really think we can maintain the system as it currently stands? First off, it is a terrible thing that the current system was allowed in the first place, but humans in power are notorious for running their own agendas on the backs of the powerless. It is how the world has worked for centuries.

But look now. Technology has outstripped this tactic. You must face the will of the masses now, and the masses are asking for rights. Horror!

Because you know what that means. That means the silent majority, those work-a-day, by and large middle of the road persons are now important. No, you can’t just make a blockade around Palestine to make Israel happy. No, you can’t keep Muburak in power because that maintains ‘peace’. Peace?? Peace meaning what? Our Western allies. Would we even care to have western allies if not because we wanted something? Which leads to oil, because we need it. And we need it because we are standing in defiance of the coming future.

Isn’t obvious that this is futile? Repressed nations must be free. Oil must become scarce. The US must abandon policy for their own selfish needs if they ever wish to ‘end the war on terror.’ We’re the terrorists. We’re the ones keeping terrible regimes in power. We’re the ones causing the suffering. Muslims don’t “hate us 4 our freedoms”. Muslims want their own god-damned freedom that we’re taking away.

For oil.

We shouldn’t even be using oil at this point!

Why the hell haven’t we gone nuclear by now? Don’t give me Chernobyl/Three Mile Island.

Technology has progressed and so has the nature of nuclear power.

I would take the risk. Hell, put the reactor in my backyard.

Once the price of oil goes up, the US, UK, everyone in this charade is going to be forced to switch to clean energy, not out of altruism but out of necessity.

Israel was a bad idea from the beginning.

I know I’ll get crap for that but I stand by it. They treat the Arab population like crap, and this in turn makes huge swaths of the planet hate us. Which in turn gives psychopathic dicks the sway they need to gather followers so to exploit poor countries, as humans in power are notorious for running their own agendas on the backs of the powerless.

Fucking Taliban. You think they stand for Islam? They stand for power trips and getting rich off the opium trade.

The only reason people hand power to extremists is because they are desperate for change. In the recent years it is we who have made them desperate. What they had was terrible, and usually brought upon them by this country because it wanted something. Radicals took advantage of this and promised a better life if they got rid of us.The people took a chance and lost. This is the case in Iran.

People don’t just wake up one day and say, “Hmmm, this would be a much better day if I was living under a religious dictatorship rather than this US-backed secular dictatorship.”

This country had the power to eliminate real suffering but we squandered it being stupid in Iraq. Iraq needed help, sure, but it had to come from within. I don’t believe the people asked for us. They weren’t prepared. It was not yet their time as it is Egypt’s, Tunisia’s, Albania’s, Lebanon’s, Iran’s, and probably others who will soon file suit. Only the people can truly rebuild what is theirs. You can’t just walk in, shoot the place up and leave. That’s where power vacuums and extremist governments come from. They do not want our help. They do want us to stop helping the dicks that are repressing them.

Iraq probably would have been in this group, part of this wave, but it is impossible now.

Where the US should have stepped in is helping countries with insane drug-lord problems. I do approve somewhat of the US presence in Afghanistan, because Afghanistan was our fault (and Russia and Britain’s). Afghanistan was one a country like Turkey is.

You want to stop Mexicans from coming over the border? Why don’t you get rid of the cartels? Do you think Mexicans enjoy the crap they put up with here? No, but it’s better than waking up with the dismembered limbs of your relatives on your lawn. No, that is not an exaggeration.

And speaking of soldiers, why the hell do they not have body armor? Why the hell aren’t the vehicles reinforced? Don’t we pour all our money into the military? Fucking Silly String???



I for one welcome the wave of technologically aided protests/awareness.

I believe in humanity of the masses.

Across the Nile.

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