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So I went to court today to get a restraining order. I just want her to leave me alone. That’s it. I don’t want her to go to jail. I don’t want her to pay any money. I just want the piece of mind of not feeling my stomach knot when my phone says I have a new text message.

Well, she asks for a move for dismissal, on account that I was out of the country when she did her last barrage on the 26th and so the case was not in the jurisdiction of the court.

Now I have to go back to court three weeks later. I just don’t understand why, though. I came back to the states on the 20th. Everyone knows that. I’ve written that here several times. It’s on my passport! Why would you use a defense that you don’t know for sure will hold? Was buying three weeks of time worth it?

The only thing I can think of is that she’s afraid if the trial goes forward, she’s bound to lose. That means she knows she’s guilty, and STILL she presses on.

I was hoping for something different. I was hoping she would realize the stuff she said to me was bad and that she was sorry. I really still believe she’s got that ability.

Or maybe I’m just a dreamer.

Either way, I’m guaranteed three weeks without issue.

After that, not so sure.


  • Sutton Laurus Does someone have a stalking crush on you?
  • Anie Knipping God no. She’s angry because she feels it’s the best course of action to be so.
  • Susan Lipson Man, her defense doesn’t even make sense, seeing as you were NOT out of the country. Besides, this should include everything she’s done, right? Not just on the 26th, so that shouldn’t be an issue. It really does sound like she’s just buying time because she knows she can’t win.
  • Anie Knipping She’s banking on technicalities. I was away Feb 13-20th, during which time she did harass me, but I can’t use that because I read them out of the country. I know. Stupid.

    But she didn’t let up, and so I have plenty that I read/heard in town. I don’t know if it’s for all the stuff. It doesn’t need to be. So long as I can convince a judge the make her stay away from me in all ways, then I win. I might have to do the same thing in the next town over too, as I got messages over there as well.

  • Susan Lipson Hopefully it will be resolved soon. It sounds like you certainly have enough against her.

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