Posted in July 2011

Archive: Gender angst

Archive: Gender angst

Gender angst I’m glad I’m not gendered, just like I’m glad I’m not in a religion or of any discernible ethnic group. I’ve always been happy about that, but now I’m especially so. Gender looks like it sucks. No matter what variation you are, you still have to deal with what other people consider to … Continue reading

Archive: stupidness

stupidness It’s been a week, two weeks, sort of slimed together in chunks of pain and sleep and gazing into space. There’s a bit going on but nothing bad. Just flitting bits and it’s really hot. The garden, I’m losing plants back there. I just can’t keep up with it, the heat. The water keeps … Continue reading

Archive: Art experiment

Art experiment As most of you know, I have a tolerate/hate relationship with the art world, possibly because I was drafted into it (I wanted to be a scientist, dammit!). In that vein, I have lined the cage of my cockatiel, Chicken, with a piece of sketch paper. I am then going to frame the … Continue reading