So… I’ve been thinking about leg surgery recently.

I’ve always known that I had one leg longer than the other and that it is the source of my back pain, but now that I’ve started doing stretching exercises, I *really* notice the difference. I have a perpetual spasm in my right hip from holding my longer leg in place. If I stretch it out, I really, really lean. At the moment the difference is .25″ or 1.5cm. If I undo the spasm (which takes a while), it’s probably more.

So my three options are; wear orthopedic shoes (heel lifts don’t help much), deal with it, or get my legs surgically equaled somehow. No doubt you all know of my aversion to shoes in any form. Shoes for me is like asking someone to wear a face mask made out of shoe material. I should just suck it up, right?


When I was younger I wore shoes with lifts in heels, but I don’t remember it doing me much good. I don’t think I could put in enough lift to make a difference in a shoe and still have room for my foot. I’d have to have special soles.

Hmmm… a custom built sandal, perhaps?

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