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Art experiment As most of you know, I have a tolerate/hate relationship with the art world, possibly because I was drafted into it (I wanted to be a scientist, dammit!). In that vein, I have lined the cage of my cockatiel, Chicken, with a piece of sketch paper. I am then going to frame the … Continue reading

Archive: Sigh….

Sigh…. So I went to court today to get a restraining order. I just want her to leave me alone. That’s it. I don’t want her to go to jail. I don’t want her to pay any money. I just want the piece of mind of not feeling my stomach knot when my phone says … Continue reading

Archive: Here are the list countries with protests:

Here are the list countries with protests: (Note from the Future: Neat what we thought at that time.) Via world guru Sutton Laurus Here are the list countries with protests: Egypt (ongoing) Tunisia (ongoing) Libya (upgraded to full-blown civil war) Bahrain (critical) Yemen (critical) Cote d’ivoire (shit’s getting serious, could lead to civil war) Oman … Continue reading

Archive: Revolutions

Revolutions I’ve been watching the revolutions for the past month. They aren’t all the same. Egypt’s was beautiful. Other protesters have not shown the same restraint. No one can deny the revolutions were necessary, right? Some still stay side-lined. “Is it worth the fight? Is it really all that bad?” Is it? Well, if you’re … Continue reading

Archive: The Pilgrimage film

The Pilgrimage film I got my Pilgrimage film today, having finally made its way out of the whirlpool that sucked in so much mail last December. Thank you, Matt! But this is not a review. It is an unexpected reaction. It was unsettling. So many odd feelings arose, like it was part dream, but part … Continue reading

Archive: 9/11, ten years later.

Archive: 9/11, ten years later.

9/11, ten years later. I suppose some of you may be wondering why I’m so rabid about Egypt right now. Truth is I’ve been giving support via petitions/donations to many such things for many years. I do it for the same reason someone pulls a person from a burning vehicle. It’s just what you are … Continue reading